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Trofie 500 gr

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Trofie are a very versatile type of pasta that can be cooked in different ways according to personal preferences and season.

For added pleasure during meals and to guarantee excellent product quality, Grimaldi Food chooses for its customers only bronze-drawn pasta trofie slowly dried at low temperatures.

Thanks to the meticulous selection of durum wheat from Puglia and artisan processing by master pasta makers, our homemade pasta trofie have a porous and rustic appearance.

As a result, during their preparation, some seasoning gets trapped in each small crack of the trofie, giving the entire dish an excellent flavour.

Traditionally seasoned with Genoese pesto and green beans, trofie are also excellent when cooked with meat, fish and vegetables.

A joy for the taste buds and the body that retains all the nutrients of wheat without them being lost due to industrial processing.

Discover our high-quality products and let yourself be won over by the goodness of bronze-drawn pasta!

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