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Scialatielli 500 gr

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Scialatielli are widely recognized as an agri-food product of Italian gastronomy, particularly Naples.

But are all those on the market the same?

Of course not!

The secret is in the careful selection of the best Apulian wheat and in the traditional processing: from milling to the transformation of the semolina into Italian pasta.

Bronze drawing, non-industrial processes and slow drying at low temperatures give our scialatielli homemade pasta a truly unique taste of originality and tradition.

Our master pasta makers, with decades of expertise and huge passion for Apulian durum wheat, produce truly outstanding products for Grimaldi Food.

Bronze-drawing allows all the pasta’s nutrients to be preserved in the best possible way and to obtain a rough, rustic surface, on which the seasonings take root, giving it lots of flavour.

Cook your scialatielli with seafood, mushrooms and hazelnuts or any other ingredient you like.

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