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Cortecce 500 gr

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How can a food as simple as pasta be so extraordinary?

Precisely because only water and durum wheat semolina are used, the utmost attention must be paid to the quality of the raw materials and processing methods.

Our specialists select only the best wheat from Puglia, carry out thorough cleaning and milling and return an excellent durum wheat semolina.

The master pasta makers work this flour by hand, performing bronze-drawing and long-term drying at low temperatures.

The final result can only be a homemade pasta with excellent characteristics, both from a nutritional and culinary point of view.

All the organoleptic properties of the wheat are well preserved during processing, precisely because no industrial processes take place, and the surface of the pasta remains rough and with a rustic appearance.

This gives a particular flavour to every single dish, since the sauces are “held” well in every single crack.

The bronze-drawn pasta cortecce, also thanks to their shape, welcome any type of sauce or seasoning in the best possible way.

Originally from Salerno, the Italian pasta cortecce are perfect for pasta recipes with porcini mushrooms and sausage, with clams and orange, with seafood, with pureed cherry tomatoes and vegetables.

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