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Pappardelle 500 gr

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The price refers to the purchase of 500g of product.

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Our bronze-drawn pappardelle are reminiscent of the authentic taste of a fresh homemade pasta dish.

With no eggs in the ingredients, this format is light and easily digestible, as well as perfect for those with egg allergies/intolerance or vegans (this vegan pasta can be used as a substitute for the more common egg pappardelle in the creation of pasta recipes requiring the use of these types of pasta).

Doing justice to the excellence of Apulian durum wheat is possible, thanks to the artisan processing performed in the Mills of Campania and the commitment of our master pasta makers.

The transformation of our bronze-drawn pasta gives the product an impeccable consistency, perfect for boiling without overcooking and to hold seasonings without loosening.

In addition to its benefits to the body, bronze-drawn Italian pasta brings moments of true enjoyment to our taste buds!

Pick the ingredients with which to enrich your dishes; our pappardelle can be cooked in many different ways: with mushrooms, yellow tomato and anchovies, and other elements that you would like to add to them.

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