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Rigatoni 500 gr

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Rigatoni pasta are among the most popular and widely consumed types of pasta dishes in the world, enjoyed by Italians and foreigners alike; it is not unusual to spot rigatoni with sauce on the menus of restaurants in the tourist districts of any European capital!

We do not know how many of them can cook our local dishes, but for sure the probability of success is even lower without using the best ingredients!

Lovers of pasta and quality food know very well that you must begin from basic elements!

The homemade pasta we offer in our online shop is made only with excellent Apulian durum wheat, handmade in the Mills of Campania, extruded through bronze and dried slowly at low temperatures.

This artisan method of processing ensures that all the organoleptic substances present in the durum wheat semolina are preserved without alteration.

The result, besides being very nutritious, is also perfect in appearance and taste.

Bronze-drawn pasta rigatoni has a porous surface allowing for inclusion in the most varied pasta recipes, retaining any seasoning: tomato sauce, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese.

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