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Fusilloni 500 gr

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Pasta is known throughout the world as a typical Italian product of excellence and, for this reason, Grimaldi Food offers several high quality dies produced by mills in Campania, Puglia and Basilicata.

The Apulian durum wheat fusilloni, extruded through bronze, have been made using the artisan method: dried slowly and at low temperatures.

This means that all the organoleptic properties of this Italian pasta remain intact and do not undergo any variation: fibres, proteins, fats and mineral salts.

The rough surface of the fusilloni homemade pasta allows them to “hold” any pasta sauces or seasoning, thus giving the possibility to create a tasty dish with a truly perfect result.

The taste, the roughness and the excellent cooking hold confer excellent characteristics to this bronze-drawn pasta.

Fusilloni can be served with our tomato sauces, fresh tomatoes, plain, with vegetables, legumes and fish.

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