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Pennoni 500 gr

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The price refers to the purchase of 500g of product.

Out of stock

A pack of pennoni, ready to be cooked, can never be missing from our pantries!

It is indeed one of the most common types of pasta, a real must for first courses.

Even when made with simple ingredients (semolina and water), our homemade pasta has a special taste and top quality.

Its peculiarity comes from the delicacy of Apulian durum wheat, whose organoleptic properties can be enjoyed thanks to its artisanal processing method.

The drawing through bronze, combined with slow drying at low temperatures, ensures the excellence of the Italian pasta product both from both a purely nutritional and gastronomic point of view.

Preparing a plate of bronze-drawn pasta pennoni, with whatever seasoning you choose, will bring a smile and the pleasure of good food to the table!

Moreover, its craftsmanship allows it to hold the cooking, making sure that the pasta does not overcook or break during preparation.

Traditional pasta recipes feature smooth pennoni sautéed in a pan with simple sauces or stuffed with meat and vegetables, but some chefs also serve them stuffed and baked.

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