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The nectar of the gods: wine

The history of wine and the history of mankind come together; wine is culture and tradition. Obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of the fruit of the vine, the grape, or the must, it is the most popular drink in the world after beer. Its origins are so ancient that it is said that a prehistoric man discovered by chance how the grape juice, forgotten in a leather container, because of the high temperature had undergone a magical transformation with surprising and not at all evil results. Actually, the taste was good and the effects intoxicating.

Over the centuries, the production and consumption of wine has proliferated to the present day, where millions of hectolitres of wine are produced and consumed annually in every corner of the world. The number one wine producer in the world is Italy, although production has declined in recent years due to climate change that has plagued the Boot.

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Despite this, the quality of the product has remained unchanged and Grimaldi Food, attentive to quality, offers with the online sale of wine the possibility to choose among a wide range of wines from our land. Fiano di Avellino is one of them. Fiano is an ancient grape variety that has accompanied man in Campania since the time of the Greeks. It is a fine wine, aromatic, elegant, full-bodied, sapid, fresh, structured and with great expressive finesse. Tasting a Fiano properly made will leave you ecstatic: the bouquet is warm and enveloping, with ripe fruit, hazelnuts, many flowers and honey. On the palate it is wide, round, always fresh and inviting. In addition, a strong wine with an alcohol content that not infrequently exceeds 14 degrees. Taurasi DOCG wine is also appreciated and much sought after on the market, so much so that it has been qualitatively labelled as one of the top wines of Southern Italy.

With its online wine sales, Grimaldi Food wants to make the most of the products of the area and offers consumers, with its online wine shop, a range of choice and quality for buying unique wines online, with the maximum expression of reliability.