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The almond, enclosed in a woody shell, is an edible seed produced by the almond tree. Fruit very caloric but highly digestible, hulled almonds vs shelled natural almonds contain excellent amounts of dietary fibre, an extremely useful nutritional factor to maintain the balance of intestinal flora. Given the richness in triglycerides and calories in shelled natural almonds, we recommend a thrifty use of the product, which lends itself, however, to both sweet and savoury preparations that make it highly sought after on the market.

In this respect, a widely used product is the almond grain, excellent for garnishing desserts, ice cream and in some cases, first courses. Even almond flour at the best price is in great demand because, obtained by grinding shelled and peeled almonds, it has a delicate and versatile taste capable of satisfying even the finest palates in the preparation of confectionery recipes.

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The price of almonds, after years of sharp decline that has caused many headaches to growers, has returned stable during the last period thanks to a harvest of excellent quality and quantity. For instance, the price of almonds 2017 was higher than the price of almonds per kg 2015, when production had reached historic lows.

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