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Cashews, where to buy them and why

The name comes from their shape, reminiscent of the heart (from the Greek cardia, καρδία, kardía, ‘heart’). Known all over the world under different names, cashew nuts are the fruits of the Anacardium Occidentale (Western) Linn. The seed, similar to small kidney-shaped nuts and no more than 4 cm long, is white in colour, characterized by a sweet and oleaginous taste; it belongs to the category of dried fruit. Originally from Brazil, today crops cover almost the entire planet. There is also a variety of Oriental Cashew nuts, Senecarpus Anacardium Linn; this species, native to India, produces fruits similar to the western variety.

Cashew nuts contain substances that bring many benefits to our body, like magnesium, a fundamental mineral for the muscular and nervous system; they are rich in B vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper, iron and selenium; they are also rich in antioxidant substances such as zeaxanthin, which protects against eye degeneration due to old age; moreover, they have beneficial effects against type 2 diabetes, helping cells in the correct absorption of sugar. Compared to other nuts, they have a lower fat content and do not contain cholesterol. Each fruit contains oleic acid, which we find in olive oil, as well as tryptophan which acts in a natural and positive way on our mood.

A very fine food and healthy snack, it is generally eaten toasted or as an ingredient of sophistication in confectionery; the most passionate lovers of culinary art can make cashew butter, for instance. Cashews risk rancidity if exposed to the air for a long time.

Cashews wholesale

The sale of cashew nuts is mainly focused on the shelled cashew, because the shell contains a caustic resin, removed before consumption, used in the production of insecticides and paints.

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