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Fresh walnut is a fleshy, indehiscent fruit covered by a woody endocarp produced in large quantities by the Juglans Regia trees and, in smaller quantities, by the Juglans Nigra. Since the 14th century, the walnut fruit has been defined as “the most recommended dried fruit for heavy intellectual activity” as some of its most important nutritional properties, such as omega 3 and mineral salts, are beneficial to the nervous system.

Fruit rich in protein and highly energetic, raw fresh walnut has peregrine properties. Besides the nervous system and the reduced risk of stroke and ischemia, it has been established in the past that fresh walnut health benefits with a constant use also include the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and they are good for the heart in general. Moreover, it is also used by athletes because of the presence of arginine, an amino acid useful to get the right amount of blood to the muscles.

Online purchase and walnut price

Pecan walnuts, specifically, are among the most suitable and in demand, as their properties help to fight coronary, cerebral and other diseases.
Precisely because of the enormous benefits that can be derived from its use, the research and purchase of the walnut is constantly increasing on international markets. The walnuts price is affordable, and many take the opportunity to grab the best quality walnuts among the various categories present. Macadamia walnuts are the most sought after thanks to their sweet and delicate taste, making them ideal for desserts, ice cream and anything else. The price of walnuts per kg, as in most food markets, varies according to many factors and can increase, decrease or remain unchanged each year. An extremely popular and sought-after food, Grimaldi Food offers the possibility of a retail sale of walnuts and a unique and inimitable range of choices.