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Dried walnuts in shell

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10 in stock


The goal of Grimaldi Food is to bring excellence to everyone’s table and this is why our shop could not miss the most precious walnuts of Campania: those of Sorrento and Montella.

From the most rounded shape to the oblong one, the dried walnuts in shell that you find in this shop are strictly of top quality.


Walnut nutrition properties allows you to get a fill of energy and nutrients.

They can provide numerous benefits to the body; some walnuts benefits are:

  • they are rich in omega 3, very important for the good functioning of the circulatory system;
  • they reduce bad cholesterol in the blood;
  • they counteract oxidative cellular damage;
  • they contribute to the repopulation of the intestinal bacterial flora because they are rich in “good” bacteria;
  • increase immune defences;
  • they help control weight and decrease the body’s glycaemic intake;
  • they support good brain function.

How and when to eat dried walnuts in shell

Compared to fresh walnuts, dried ones only contain less water but preserve all the organoleptic properties of the fruit.

Precisely for this reason you can choose to eat them at any time: after sports, in the morning to gain energy for the day, after meals, at breakfast or as a snack.

Walnuts are also perfect for creating different types of culinary walnut recipes, both sweet and salty, including also walnut pesto and walnut oil.

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