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Where to buy hazelnut for its nutritional properties

Hazelnuts are indehiscent fruits with woody pericarp, produced by one of the oldest trees in the world: the hazelnut. Since ancient times, in fact, the hazelnut was cultivated in large quantities and hazelnut in shell spread throughout the world because of hazelnut in shell nutrition properties that made it unique and valuable, and was often used for therapeutic purposes. Very few people are aware of the hazelnut benefits that can be derived from their constant use, fruits rich in vitamins and magnesium. Source of phytosterols and monounsaturated, it helps prevent various cardiovascular diseases and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In addition, the presence of magnesium also ensures the well-being of bones and muscles. The hazelnut belongs to the category of dried fruit and, by virtue of the marked properties mentioned above, can certainly be counted among the most sought after fruits on the international market.

Online purchase and price of Italian hazelnuts

The hazelnut price, as well as the hazelnut price per quintal and the hazelnut price per kg, vary according to its quality and specific weight and can grow, decrease or remain unchanged over the years. The 2017 hazelnut price, for instance, dropped slightly from the standard of previous years to such an extent that it had repercussions on the national market. There are many different types of hazelnuts on the market. From roasted to shelled hazelnuts to flour, which is used in industrial quantities, especially in the confectionery sector.

This product, thanks to more favourable climatic conditions, thrives in the territories of central and southern Italy, in particular Lazio, Sicily and Campania. Grimaldi Food, with the hazelnut sale, provides the highest expression of product quality combined with a highly competitive hazelnut price.