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Where to find pine nuts and their nutritional properties

Pine nuts are edible seeds of ivory colour and elongated shape, highly valuable, belonging to the dried fruit category, produced by some pine species. The most known is the Pinus pinea, commonly called stone pine. They are, therefore, a part of the pine cone; they nestle between the woody scales of the pine cones and find further protection in the shell that envelops them. The harvest runs from autumn to spring. The pine cones are collected and left to dry in the sun so as to allow the heat to extract the pine nuts, which are then shelled, washed, dried, selected and packaged to proceed to the sale of pine nuts on the markets.

These oilseeds, of vegetable origin, are highly energetic, therefore, it is recommended to consume them in small quantities. They are particularly rich in protein, vegetable fibre, zinc, vitamin B2 and potassium, and also contain calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and iron. Pine nuts calories are high because rich in lipids, the oil that comes from them is particularly appreciated by health-lovers for its taste and properties. Pine nuts health benefits include antioxidant effects: they keep the skin young and the body healthy.

These precious seeds, if kept in their own shell and in a cool and dry place so as not to risk rancidity, can be stored for a very long period ranging from 3 to 4 months. Long known all over Europe, Africa, America and Asia, in Italy we find stone pine tree cultivations; after all pine nuts are present in the Mediterranean diet, in traditional recipes such as the renowned “Pesto alla Genovese”, a pesto recipe with pine nuts, or to enrich salads and sauces. They are used in confectionery for desserts, for sweet-and-sour dishes, in meat dishes or for the preparation of dishes with an exotic taste.

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