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Spaghettoni 500 gr

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10 in stock

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If you’re thinking of preparing a tasty first course, then there’s no doubt that our spaghettoni won’t disappoint: their distinct flavour pairs well with many condiments, these types of pasta retain their freshness and are rich in nutrients.

Wheat selected and harvested in the fertile lands of Puglia is transformed into flour in the Mills of Campania, where it is worked by hand and then transformed into homemade pasta by our experts using traditional techniques!

Bronze-drawing and slow drying at low temperatures results in a product with an authentic taste, reminiscent of typical traditional processing of the past.

Thanks to its rough surface, sauce and other seasonings cling evenly, making spaghettoni consistently tasty!

For lovers of pasta of a certain thickness, spaghettoni are an excellent solution to accompany both simple ingredients such as oil, cheese and pepper, and more complex elements such as roe, pistachios and lemon.

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