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Homemade fusilli pasta

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The homemade bronze-drawn fusilli pasta remind us of the deliciousness of homemade pasta, the one prepared for a festive day by grandmother’s expert hands: Sunday lunch, a special occasion, a holy day of obligation.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy such privileges, not everyone knows the techniques or has the manual skill to work the dough and not always you can find a quality flour that can guarantee a good result.

What to do, then?

Don’t despair; Grimaldi Food selects only excellent products for its customers.

Our semolina is in fact produced from Apulian durum wheat, carefully selected by experts and ground in mills that follow artisan processing methods.

The semolina used by master pasta makers to make homemade pasta fusilli is bronze-drawn and slowly dried at low temperatures to allow the organoleptic properties of the wheat to remain stable during the transformation process.

Moreover, these production systems deliver to our tables homemade fusilli with a rough surface, where pasta sauces and seasoning penetrate and are held.

For a really tasty first course, you just have to choose our homemade bronze-drawn fusilli!

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