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Cavatelli 500 gr

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For a first course where the main ingredient must be genuineness, you certainly cannot give up the quality of our bronze-drawn cavatelli pasta.

Our Italian pasta is produced only with carefully selected Apulian durum wheat.

The cleaning and milling are carried out in mills that strictly follow artisan processing methods, the only way to obtain a semolina with excellent characteristics.

After bronze-drawing and slow drying at low temperatures, the pasta has a porous and rustic surface, on which any sauce finds its maximum hold.

The bronze-drawn pasta cavatelli hold up perfectly to cooking and do not overcook, they have a really distinctive taste even if seasoned in a simple way, such as with a drizzle of ravece olive oil and grated cheese.

An excellent alternative condiment for cavatelli is certainly turnip tops, mushrooms and zucchini, but everyone can prepare them as they like: in the kitchen, imagination wins!

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