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Tagliatelle 500 gr

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28 in stock

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Our bronze-drawn tagliatelle are perfect for making excellent first courses, being a perfect substitute for the more common egg pasta.

Made only with durum wheat semolina and water, the tagliatelle pasta offered on Grimaldi Food shop can also be eaten by people with special dietary needs, such as vegetarians or those with egg intolerance/allergy.

In addition to typical Bolognese or Neapolitan ragu that goes well with its taste, according to some traditional country pasta recipes (both in southern and northern Italy), tagliatelle can also be cooked with chickpeas or beans.

The goodness of the dish is guaranteed, together with completeness of nutrients, obtained from both selected wheat and legumes.

Bronze-drawing and slow drying at low temperature allows the pasta to preserve all the organoleptic properties of the wheat, without any variation, as is the case with industrial processing.

Moreover, the result of this craftsmanship is a crinkled pasta surface, allowing to hold the seasonings at best, resulting in truly special flavours.

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