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Calamarata 500 gr

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The price refers to the purchase of 500g of product.

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The secret to being good at cooking and eating well is to use only top quality ingredients!

That’s why Grimaldi Food chooses only excellent, selected and artisanal products for their customers.

Our bronze-drawn calamarata, like all the other types of pasta in the shop, are made only with top quality Apulian wheat.

Once cleaned and ground, thanks to the expert hand of millers who carry out an artisanal process, the semolina produced is extruded through bronze and dried slowly at low temperatures.

This guarantees the excellent quality of the Italian pasta which, while preserving its organoleptic properties, provides the body with a good amount of protein and carbohydrates.

At the gastronomic level, bronze-drawing also lends the pasta the typical characteristics of homemade pasta shapes: a rough and natural surface.

As dictated by the Neapolitan tradition, our bronze-drawn pasta calamarata is perfect to be cooked with squid, fresh seafood and cherry tomatoes; Its porosity ensures that it holds up to cooking for a long time, without overcooking, and holds any other type of sauce at best.

Our trustworthy chefs suggest that the fish should be reduced and simmered with some excellent Falanghina Beneventana, also ideal to drink during the meal, though strictly chilled!

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