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Lumaconi 500 gr

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Pasta lovers know the importance of choosing a bronze-drawn product in order to obtain a better result, to fully enjoy the properties of Apulian wheat and to live a full sensory experience that is not only about taste.

Indeed, eating a good plate of homemade pasta in company, and in particular a plate of baked stuffed lumaconi, not only satisfies the hunger, but also tickles the sense of smell from the first moments of cooking and gives a sense of general well-being!

Lumaconi Italian pasta are an excellent variant of the traditional stuffed baked pasta dishes and, depending on the filling you want to prepare, you can match the different tastes of your diners.

You can choose between: minced meat, mushrooms and gorgonzola, spinach and ricotta cheese, prawns and zucchini, truffle and potatoes and much more.

If you have imagination, love to cook and like to select only high quality food, in the kitchen you can always make dishes and pasta recipes with a special taste.

In an effort to provide its customers with excellent products, Grimaldi Food offers a line of bronze-drawn pasta, handcrafted and dried at low temperatures.

The manufacture of master pasta makers allows to obtain a high quality product, with slight knurling on the surface of the pasta which “holds” the condiments, so as to flavour every single dish impeccably.

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