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Yellow Datterinos

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Yellow Datterinos are one of the most sought-after members of the tomato family, famous for their sweetness and complete absence of acidity in their flavour.

In addition to this peculiarity, yellow tomatoes give a very pleasant chromatic effect to dishes, while enriching our body with antioxidants, mineral salts and vitamins.

Chosen especially for developing gourmet recipes, crushed yellow tomato sauce is perfect for making fish, seafood and delicious vegetable dishes.

In keeping with the principles of a short supply chain, our experts select yellow tomatoes from Campania and Puglia and process them using artisanal methods.

Our aim is to maintain as much as possible the nutrients of this excellent product, without altering its taste.

That is why, after harvesting, the waiting time for processing is never long; the yellow tomatoes are in fact processed immediately and vacuum packed.

To perceive the authentic scent of these special fruits, simply open the jar…

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