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Tomato puree 720 ml

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12 in stock


Have you ever eaten a plate of pasta with tomato sauce or a good pizza margherita and taste summer from the first bite?

This is the feeling you get when using quality ingredients, such as those that Grimaldi Food offers its customers.

A very important component of Mediterranean diet and the most important of all canned products: the tomato puree we selected for you is made only with first grade tomatoes that are plump, sweet and ripe.

We strictly use freshly picked tomatoes, in order to preserve all their fresh taste and to retain all their nutritional and organoleptic substances, which are highly beneficial for the body.

In addition to being a delight for the palate, consuming a tomato puree made to perfection with simple and essential elements (tomato and salt) is also very beneficial for health.

It is well known that the tomato is an excellent source of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, vitamin A, antioxidants and fibre.

Precisely because it is cooked, tomato sauce nutrition has a slightly lower quantity of these substances than freshly harvested tomatoes.

However, to ensure that the final product preserves its original qualities as much as possible, Grimaldi Food’s experts execute the entire working process, from harvesting to making the puree.

The concept of a short supply chain is also implemented in the artisan processing methods of canning tomato sauce, in full respect of the traditions of Campania and the whole of southern Italy.

The intense juice of tomato puree pairs well with a good pasta dish, meat and vegetables.


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