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Pureed cherry tomatoes

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38 in stock


Pureed cherry tomatoes evoke the warmth of the beautiful summer days, the season when vegetable gardens give us their most luxuriant fruits, and pasta with tomato sauce, precisely because it is a vegetable of that season, tastes really special!

To rediscover that taste and smell of summer and genuineness, Grimaldi Food makes preserves made only with top quality cherry tomatoes.

The staff in charge of the preparation of this preserve is personally responsible for following all the production processes, putting into practice the concept of short supply chain.

The meticulous harvesting of the peasants in the lands of Campania and Puglia, the patient selection only of first choice ripe cherries and their processing by artisan methods ensure a final product of excellent quality.

With a simple condiment, made of oil and basil, or with the addition of vegetables, fish or meat, our pureed cherry tomatoes are perfect to season first courses, main courses and side dishes.

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