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Natural cherry 580 ml

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Cultivated in the fertile soils of Puglia and Campania, cherry tomatoes are one of the sweetest and most used, both to be eaten alone and as an ingredient in elaborate dishes.

To fully enjoy its unmistakable flavour of genuineness and freshness, throughout the year, our experts have created a cherry tomato preserve au naturel, perfect for seasoning any dish.

In line with the concept of short supply chain, we have selected only prime cherry tomatoes, grown with love and with great respect for the environment, and processed using artisan methods that have the sole purpose of preserving all the properties of the cherry tomatoes.

Bringing it to our table, in fact, will immediately feel like taking care of your body, while the palate rejoices for its delicious taste.

The tomato is rich in beneficial substances (mineral salts, vitamins, antioxidants), cholesterol-free and has a minimum amount of fat.

Moreover, since the cherry is tomato is au naturel (i.e. complete with peel), this format also provides a large amount of fibre, which has a probiotic function for the intestine.

In addition to their healthiness, our cherry tomato preserve au naturel are greatly appreciated for their sweetness and body.

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