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Natural yellow tomato 580 ml

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The price refers to the purchase of a single 580ml pack.

22 in stock


The yellow tomatoes we use for our canned products are 100% Italian (Puglia and Campania) and have been carefully selected by our experts.

With strict respect of the short supply chain concept, from sowing to harvesting, we ensure the natural treatment given to them, in total respect of the environment.

To offer a high-end product, both from a nutritional and culinary standpoint, we also perform artisanal processing on the same day the tomatoes are harvested.

This gives our canned tomatoes a very special flavour, preserving their organoleptic substances in the best possible way.

Natural yellow tomatoes are particularly valued by even the most demanding palates; they are perfect for making gourmet recipes as well as simpler dishes: fish, seafood, vegetables and pasta.

The yellow tomato in its natural state is capable of conquering all the senses: its bright and warm colour catches the eye; its sweet and delicate taste intoxicates the palate; its fresh and genuine scent enriches its flavour; once in the pot, its sizzling is music to the ears; and finally, its soft and juicy texture can be felt under the prongs of a fork!

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