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Ravece DOP extra virgin olive oil 500 ml

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Ravece DOP extra virgin olive oil is typical of Irpinia, a land where the Ravece cultivar has been processed using traditional methods since the beginning of the 16th century.

The oil obtained from it is strictly cold extracted to preserve all its organoleptic properties and to guarantee a superior quality product.

It has a yellow-green colour, while the bitter and spicy taste is characterized by intense, harmonious and strong fruity aromas, with notes of green tomato, artichoke, herbs and sometimes almond.

It gives its best when used raw but, thanks to its stable chemical structure and monounsaturated fats (of which it is rich) that make it unalterable, Ravece olive oil is also perfect for cooking and frying.


Its flavour pairs well with bruschettas (especially if prepared with seasonal organic vegetables, mushrooms and truffles), vegetable soups, stews, grilled vegetables, salads, marinades, pizza, fish and roast meat.


Ravece Italian extra virgin olive oil is dedicated to those who appreciate its peculiarities and health benefits.

It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and brings considerable benefits.

Some Ravece extra virgin olive oil benefits are:

  • It prevents degenerative diseases, aging and brain damage, counteracting the oxidative action of free radicals
  • It protects the heart and cardiovascular system from possible health risks
  • It prevents clots and strengthens blood vessel walls, thanks to the important presence of vitamin E in its components
  • It aids digestion and facilitates the synthesis of bile acids
  • It helps to keep cholesterol levels normal.
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