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Marron glacé

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Even if the dispute between the French and Italians over the supremacy of the marron glacé recipe is still open, there is an irrefutable certainty: only the highest quality ingredients must be used to obtain the best marron glacé with a sublime taste.

La Montella chestnut, which finds its birthplace in a wonderful natural territory in the province of Avellino, is among the best Italian products for the creation of this truly unique dessert.

Grimaldi Food is always looking for quality, genuineness and traditions and that’s why its homemade marron glacé are made only with special ingredients …

The artisan processing carried out by the expert hands of master pastry chefs guarantees the excellent success of this very tasty dish, where tradition and innovation are mixed together giving the special chestnuts marron glacé an unmistakable flavour.

How and when to eat marron glacé

Marron glacé dessert is perfect for many occasions: birthday parties, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and all kinds of lunches and dinners.

Delicious as a dessert at the end of a meal, enveloping as an afternoon cuddle, even more delicious when paired with a glass of liqueur, hot tea or an infusion …

Marron glacé are also often used in the creation of delicious recipes: marron glace dessert, marron glace ice cream, marron glace cake recipe creams and salty dishes.

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