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Chestnut flour

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Montella PGI Italian chestnut flour is made using traditional methods that best preserve the nutrients, organoleptic properties and high quality of the fruit.

The chestnut flour, made by grinding dried chestnuts, is known for its sweet taste and for its colour ranging from light to dark beige.

The difference in colour and taste, at times smokier and at times more delicate, depends on the roasting of the chestnuts and the presence or absence of the skin.

Starchy and very fragrant, chestnut flour is rich in fibre and gluten-free.

This is why it is suitable for coeliac people, who use it as a valid substitute for 00 flour.

Thanks to its versatility, chestnut flour is used in the kitchen to make numerous chestnut flour recipes.

The most famous and traditional is bread, which in the past was the main food of people living in the mountains.

It is in fact a fairly complete meal, even if eaten alone.

However, our predecessors usually accompanied it with cheese, cold cuts and soups.

With chestnut flour it is possible to make fresh pasta, gnocchi, polenta, cakes, pies, chestnut flour biscuits, chestnut flour pancakes and different types of bread.

The advice of experts is to store the chestnut flour in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator to prevent it from deteriorating.

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