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Shelled dried chestnuts

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Shelled dried chestnuts evoke the ancient flavours of past generations of shepherds and mountain dwellers who, after carefully harvesting these fruits, put them to dehydrate in special dryers.

The result of these processes was a dried chestnut, perfect for use in the kitchen in the production of numerous recipes.

Since this fruit is harvested in the autumn, it was eaten during the autumn and winter.

Shelled dried chestnuts added nutrients and flavour to legume soups, first and second courses based on meat and game and, if reduced to flour, were perfect for bread.

Fortunately, these customs continue to exist today!

In Irpinia, but also in other mountain areas, traditional methods and recipes continue to be followed, making the excellence of local products more appreciated.

The shelled dried chestnuts that we are offering in our shop are Montella PGI chestnuts, a product of excellence from Campania and Italy.

Characterized by a classic straw-yellow colour and a solid, dry consistency, after harvesting, they are first carefully selected, then dried by hot air ventilation and only afterwards shelled.

Those who wish to reproduce traditional menus of the mountain cuisine of Campania, can use our selected dried chestnuts to make sauces, first and second courses, soups of legumes (such as chickpeas and beans) and desserts!

Preferably softened and cooked, they are also perfect to be eaten alone at the end of a meal, perhaps accompanied by an excellent glass of red wine.

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