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Torrone. A word whose mere utterance evokes timeless smells and flavours.

Torrone is a sweet made of egg white, honey and sugar, stuffed, depending on taste and subjective desires, with foods such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts, often covered with layers of wafer. Its birth is linked to a legend. There are many disputes about its paternity. The etymology of the name torrone derives from turrar = roast and from the Latin torrere = toast.

The origin of real torrone dates back to 1441, when it was presented in Cremona on the occasion of the wedding of Francesco Sforza.
On that occasion, the court confectioners concluded the wedding banquet by preparing a sweet representing the high bell tower of the cathedral of Cremona, city in dowry of the bride; it was called “torione”, from the shape of Torrazzo.

Online sale of torrone

In Italy many cities produce torrone with almonds, torrone with hazelnuts, torrone with chestnuts. The processing, both artisan and industrial, is almost the same for all. It starts by mixing the honey with the egg whites whipped into snow; then everything is cooked for a variable time: up to 4 hours in industrial production and up to 11 hours in artisanal production.
At the end of cooking, dried fruit, sugar and any flavourings, such as vanilla and citrus fruits, are added. At this point, the dough is rolled out between two sheets of wafer, closed and cut into the desired shape (usually in bars). At this stage the torrone can also be covered with a chocolate bath. After cooling, it is packaged and dispatched. A tasty and richly flavoured food, torrone holds a large amount of calories, which recommends a dosed and not at all excessive use of the product.

Torrone can be found on the market in many types, sizes and qualities: chocolate torrone, almond torrone, pistachio torrone, white torrone and others that we do not catalogue in full because we would find hundreds of them.
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